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SECURITY BEHIND BARS - by Excelsior Entertainment


The following course is designed  by Excelsior Entertainment for Owners and Mangers in the service industry. Its content is created by actual lawyers and professionals specializing in the safety and liability of Restaurant, Nightclub and Lounge Security.

This course will take 1.5 hours to complete and is made available to you immediatley after purchase. Complete the course over time when it is convenient for you from any internet connection.

Easily deliver to all your owners and managers and have history of their results

Creators of this content are actual lawyers and operators in the service industry and have developed reading materials, video and multiple choice exam questions for all areas of the service industry.

Lower the RISK and LIABILITY as an employer and employee. Training and proof of knowledge will help lower or eliminate your liability should a event occur in your establishment. As an employer the minimal investment per employee could save you tens of thousands and lower the liabilty for your employee. Completing this course should be mandatory for new or existing employees in your establishment and your entire partnership group.

Regardless of what position your employee is working it is important each person understand the risks of their co-workers and their responsibilities. Making your employees aware of potential problems and providing them with the needed training will help lower the risk and liabilty of the employer and employee.

Owner and Manager Course Includes

♦6 Reading Chapters covering all areas designed for Owners and Managers - 30 minutes
♦Additional forms for Adminstration Purposes (printable for business use)
♦30 Minute Video on Safety and Security - 30 minutes
♦Final assesment exam - 30 minutes
♦Automated printable certficate upon completion and electronic history

Managers & Owners Course- Security Behind Bars
$49.95 CAD

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